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If you have a list that you’re neglecting, I hate to break it to ya, but you’re leaving money on the table– big time! Email marketing is a highly rewarding aspect of your marketing that you shouldn’t be sleeping on. Investing in your email marketing can help you warm potential clients from unaware to completely ready to buy through the process of creating brand awareness, educating your audience about your services, and building stronger relationships.

But actually sitting down to write monthly emails sounds like a real chore! You’ve got a whole business to run after all.⁠ Here’s the problem: every day you put off sending emails to your audience you're losing out on connecting on a deeper level with your audience, boosting sales, and multiplying your retention rates. I can help you start re-engaging with your email list and bring it back to life without adding more
on top of your already full plate.

A vibrant email marketing strategy is an essential part of a thriving business! 

A vibrant email marketing strategy is an essential part of a thriving business! 

Whether you’re a solopreneur, small creative team, or woman-led small business, the consensus is all the same: Building or revitalizing your email list is your chance to connect with an ultra-engaged audience. 

When we work together, you’ll consistently send out engaging emails to your list that are written to guide your audience through your sales funnel.

With emails you can boost sales, grow your client list, and even entice previous clients to work with you more.

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Closing more of your dream clients regularly (and with more ease) without adding more to your overflowing to-do list with a strategic, engaging email marketing plan.

All the time you could get back knowing one part of your marketing strategy is being handled, leaving you more time to focus on what you love most in your business?⁠

Having every email you need for the next month already written and ready to be sent out to your ultra-engaged audience full of potential dream clients ready to book your services.⁠

Just Imagine... 

Email marketing builds lasting, meaningful relationships with your dream clients. Your email list is full of people in your audience who have already ticked that box signaling they want to hear even more from you and your biz. Why not give them what they want while increasing your “know, like, and trust” factor. Sounds like a win-win to me!

When you invest in a consistent email marketing strategy, you invest in loyal, long-lasting relationships with your clients.

When you invest in a consistent email marketing strategy, you invest in loyal, long-lasting relationships with your clients.

This is right up your alley if you are…

Ready to maximize your revenue potential through a marketing channel with proven high-rates of ROI.

Ready to consistently send engaging emails that your dream clients actually love opening and reading.

Ready to take your lead generation and life cycle marketing to the next level to build a stronger business foundation.

Diversify where you’re showing up online and cultivate an audience outside of the influence of algorithms and passing trends with email marketing.

delivers up to 4-5 monthly emails custom-written for your dream clients and ready to be sent out each and every month!⁠

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+Plus! They will be optimized to get more opens, generate more clicks, and close more sales! 

Truly powerful copywriting doesn’t just sound nice, it also has the power to move people! That’s why in every package I offer, I put hours of research into understanding your brand before I write a word. 

By the end of our project, you’ll be able to hit the ground running with an engaging email marketing strategy that leads to more conversions, more sales, and more mula baby!

When you work with CopyCrush, you also get a custom brand voice tailored-made to attract your dream clients (A $3,500 value for freakin’ free) complete with its own style guide.

Email Copywriting Package



You know that tingly feeling you get when something just feels right? Ooh, I felt that too!

You know that tingly feeling you get when something just feels right? Ooh, I felt that too!

That’s not why you hire me. I’m here to write words that resonate with your dream clients and deeply move them. I write conversion-happy copy that gets your brand stuck in their heads. That’s why I deep dive into researching all things “your brand” including your dream client personas, VOC data, competitor analysis, and more to create a tailor-made brand voice + message positioning. I also offer the choice between current and past client interviews or live user testing for special insight. 

At CopyCrush, I don’t just write pretty words

gets technical




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brand photographer

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love notes

love notes

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Email Copywriting package, you get:

Sales-Page Copywriting
package, you get:



In the

Up to 2 rounds of revisions. 

Light design work for unique, beautiful, & on-brand visuals.⁠

Wireframing and collaboration with your web designer or developer.

A well-researched brand voice and messaging strategy tailor-made to fit your unique business vibes.

A brand voice questionnaire that doubles as your brand voice style guide for any future writing projects.

engaging emails balanced between nurture, engagement, and sales.


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Investment = $1600/month or $400/each

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Ready for email copy that catches eyes

Need a little more insight into my copywriting services, my process, or what it’s like working with CopyCrush? Check out my most frequently asked questions for more juicy deets. 

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Answers to all your hottest FAQs

Do you work with web designers?

I have the strong opinion that copywriters and web designers go together like pb&j! If you have a web designer that you’re working with, I would be more than happy to work with them! If you’re in the market for a talented web designer, I highly suggest Tropic Media. She’s the design genius who built this website! 

Do you offer payment plans?

Absa-freakin-lutely! Generally for monthly retainer projects, payments are due on the 1st of the month. However, we can also split it into two payments, due on the 1st and the 15th of the month. Simply ask, and I’ll happily work it out with you. 

What is the turnaround time for email copy?

My turnaround time is roughly 6 weeks! This includes time to deep dive into your brand, wireframe, share writing samples, and write! After that, we will work on your two rounds of revisions. 

Do you have any writing samples I can check out? 

You can check out my portfolio for my past client work. You can also send me an email any time if you’d love to see more! 

Do you offer any services other than copywriting? I need help with other stuff!


Copywriting is my jam! But I know a lot of lovely, talented people who are experts in their field. You can check out my recommended service providers page for the people I love to work with on a regular basis for branding, web design and legal stuff. You can also reach out and I'll be happy to recommend anyone I know for other services.