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If you’re a passionate creative service provider, you need:

You’ve been at it all day, haven’t you? In fact, you were writing and rewriting your copy all day yesterday and all through the night too. You’re a pretty good writer AND you know your ideal audience pretty damn well. So what’s the deal? You never realized you can write so many words yet none of what you’ve written has that unique “so-you” wow-power that clearly translates your passion and vision for your business like you want.  

Even though you’ve been searching for the right words to express your unique value to your audience, you just can’t seem to find them. You’re working hard as hell on building a business that has impact and allows you to live your life on your terms– you deserve copywriting that shows the world exactly what you have to offer! 

And you aren’t one to back down from a challenge. You know you were born to stand out and shine– and the same goes for your business too! Fitting in was never really your thing anyways. That’s why you need copy that shines as bright as you! 

For entrepreneurs who need copywriting that packs a powerful punch, CopyCrush™ delivers personality-driven copy designed around helping you find the right words to help you grow your business beyond your wildest dreams! 

wouldn't you love to...

Land more dream clients on a consistent basis?

Land more dream clients on a consistent basis?

As a creative entrepreneur in this competitive online world, now more than ever you need a brand voice that boldly stands out and shouts from the rooftops:

“I’ve got the goods to help you thrive!”

And I’m the girl that can help you get there.

Fill your website with words designed to resonate with your dream clients and make them so excited that they’re falling over themselves to work with you!

conversion-driven copy do for you?


What can

The short answer? Increased sales, stronger brand awareness, & a stellar online presence for your business. If you want to get more of your dream clients engaging with your business on the regular, then you're in the right place.

I work with female led entrepreneurs, just like you, to craft engaging brand stories on their websites that convert like crazy and keep clients coming back time and time again.

And I can do the same for you!

Does this sound like you? 

You want to work with a copywriter who understands the vibes you want to give off and can develop a voice for your brand that matches your vision.

You’re ready to kick ass and take names with bold, personality-filled copywriting that inspires clients to take action!

You only want to attract clients who challenge and inspire you, align with your values, and have bigger, more ambitious projects (with bigger budgets to match).

I work with female led entrepreneurs, just like you, to craft engaging brand stories on their websites that convert like crazy and keep clients coming back time and time again.

delivers up to 4 pages of engaging website copywriting that does the heavy lifting attracting dream clients.

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Start booking more clients and selling out your services in your sleep with copy designed to be your hardest working salesperson. 

When you work with CopyCrush, you also get a custom brand voice tailored-made to attract your dream clients (A $3,500 value for freakin’ free) complete with its own style guide.

Truly powerful copywriting doesn’t just sound nice, it also has the power to move people! That’s why in every package I offer, I put hours of research into understanding your brand before I write a word. 

+Plus It’ll be SEO-optimized to get more eyes on your website! 

By the end of our project, you’ll be able to hit the ground running with conversion-centric copywriting that leads to more conversions, more sales, and more mula baby!

Website Copywriting Package



You know that tingly feeling you get when something just feels right? Ooh, I felt that too!

You know that tingly feeling you get when something just feels right? Ooh, I felt that too!

That’s not why you hire me. I’m here to write words that resonate with your dream clients and deeply move them. I write conversion-happy copy that gets your brand stuck in their heads. That’s why I deep dive into researching all things “your brand” including your dream client personas, VOC data, competitor analysis, and more to create a tailor-made brand voice + message positioning. I also offer the choice between current and past client interviews or live user testing for special insight. 

At CopyCrush, I don’t just write pretty words

gets technical




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love notes

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 Website Copy package, you get:



In the

Up to 2 rounds of revisions. 

Your choice of client interviews or live user testing.

Wireframing and collaboration with your web designer or developer.

A well-researched brand voice and messaging strategy tailor-made to fit your unique business vibes.

A brand voice questionnaire that doubles as your brand voice style guide for any future writing projects.

4+ pages of personality-driven, conversion-happy website copy. (Base package includes: Home, About, Services/Work with me, and Contact) 

Free 1 hour kick off call to explore your copywriting project, get familiar with your biz + brand, and discuss your project goals.

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Investment = $4000

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badass delegating boss you are!

Need a little more insight into my copywriting services, my process, or what it’s like working with CopyCrush? Check out my most frequently asked questions for more juicy deets. 

You've got questions?

Answers to all your hottest FAQs

What is user testing and client interviews?

User Testing: Best for when you have an existing website. Live users, who closely resemble your ideal audience, review your current website to provide insight into their first impressions, what resonates with them, and what might be missing the mark. The insight helps us see the unique perspective into the thought process around getting familiar with your business and the decision process.

Client Interviews: Gather open, honest feedback and insight from clients and customers who’ve already gone through every aspect of your life cycle marketing and sales funnel. They can spill details about why they chose to work with you and the challenges they were experiencing that inspired them to seek your services. And much more! 

Do you work with web designers?

I have the strong opinion that copywriters and web designers go together like pb&j! If you have a web designer that you’re working with, I would be more than happy to work with them! If you’re in the market for a talented web designer, I highly suggest Tropic Media. She’s the design genius who built this website! 

Do you offer payment plans?

Abso-freakin-lutely! My payments by default are split into two payments. If you want a payment plan, we can split them into 4 payments. Simply ask, and I’ll happily work one out with you. 

What is the turnaround time for website copy?

My turnaround time is roughly 6 weeks! This includes time to deep dive into your brand, wireframe, share writing samples, and write! After that, we will work on your two rounds of revisions. (+2 weeks for client interviews (for scheduling and logistics). 

Do you have any writing samples I can check out? 

You can check out my portfolio for my past client work. You can also send me an email any time if you’d love to see more! 


Do you write the privacy policy + t&C pages too? Do I really need them?

No, I do not write these. They should be written by a lawyer. Yes, you absolutely do need these to operate your websites legally and be compliant. I work with Taylor Tieman, Esq. at Legalmiga for all my legal needs and documentation! Use code: Marissa10 on the Legalmiga Library for the documents you need at an accessible price.