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A Nurtured Soul

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Thelsuice is an empowerment coach for passionate, creative women who want to overcome the mental blocks keeping them from reaching their most ambitious goals.

A Nurtured Soul’s Brand Persona is Powerful Storyteller

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Thelsuice Gonzalez, founder of A Nurtured Soul, needed website copy with a heavy element of storytelling weaved into it. She has a powerful story that she believes puts her in the best position to help others. 

Thelsuice’s brand voice was designed to be uplifting and honest. There’s no sugar-coating the fact that there will be hard work involved in turning lives around. Her copy is also both clear and benefit-driven to underline the reasons why her services are absolutely worth it. 

I wrote her website copy using my experience writing creative non-fiction to present her story in an interesting, thought-provoking manner. 

Thelsuice’s brand voice also comes from a place of understanding. She has gone through tough times and used her inner strength to push through it. She wants to help others make breakthroughs in their lives too. And my job as her copywriter was to show her skills, experience, and deep understanding of her dream clients. 

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- Thelsuice Gonzales, Empowerment Coach

"I trust her work!"


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Before working with Marissa I had spent over 2 years developing my own content and even launched a website. I was very proud of my work, but I wasn't satisfied, and the more I continued to research and work out details I began to realize that I needed a professional's eye and fresh mind to really help. I scheduled a free consultation with a writer and coach who then recommended Marissa. 

Working with Marissa actually helped me to really get more clear on the type of clients that would benefit most from my services. The content is just right and it fits the setup and design of my new website. I really love how the words and images flow well together. I've received many compliments on the upgrade and increased interest from potential clients. I have hired Marissa for a second project because I trust her work and I'm beyond pleased with the results and she cares about what her clients expectations are. I would definitely recommend her services.

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"I chose to work with Marissa because her about me page and the copy on her own site is killer, she's passionate about what she does, and she really took the time to listen to my needs. I felt like I was rambling all over the place on our phone calls, but she was patient with me and had a magical way of breaking that down into tangible copy that sells. Not only that, but she's very professional and provides a great client experience, so I always knew what was happening and when I'd receive deliverables.

Since working with Marissa, I have been able to achieve my goals of booking countless photography clients at high ticket prices. The new website helps potential clients understand my process and the experience I'm providing and the copy makes it so much easier for them to understand why they need to book a discovery call with me.

If you're on the fence, don't be. She's 100% worth the investment.”

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