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Bali Organix

Services: Email Nurture + Upsell Series 

To assist people on their path to better health, Bali Organix offers fit green coffee drinks that improve energy levels, reduce inflammation, and boost metabolism.

Bali Organix’s Brand Persona is Health Conscious Mentor 

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Bali Organix offers organic green coffee that originates in Bali and promotes better health from within. Their values focus on sustainability, direct trade, 100% organic and locally grown ingredients, and preservation of ancient cultures. 

They needed an 5-part upsell email series for one time Organic Fit Green Coffee buyers with the goal of upgrading them to monthly subscribers. This would also serve to welcome them as new fit green coffee drinkers and establish a deeper relationship with them. I worked on both the email copy and design of the email. I focused on creating emails that meshed well with their brand and their website.

For this email upsell series, they wanted to focus on building a quality relationship with their customers and provide value to them on top of working towards the upsell. The voice would highlight the positive qualities of the fit green coffee and establish social proof. 

My goal was to build rapport and build up to stronger sales. I also worked to open up two-way conversation with prompts and calls to action.

I started with soft sales in the beginning by simply mentioning the upgrade opportunity and showing the value of being a consistent fit green coffee drinker. By the end of the series, I transitioned to focusing solely on upselling the subscription. 

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Before working with Marissa my monthly newsletter was nonexistent or when I made the time it was lacking personality and depth. I decided to invest into a copywriter for my business because as a busy entrepreneur I like to stay in my zone of genius. Copywriting isn't my strong suit! Insert Marissa and it was like my fairy word mother. Vibrant Blog and Newsletters to match! It was an absolute dream to be able to create a topic and hand over the rest to Marissa! So easy to work with! Highly recommended!

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