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Legalmiga helps Latinx entrepreneurs gain access to legal protections and knowledge that may otherwise not be available to them at their budgets. 

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Legalmiga’s Brand Persona is Honest Educator

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Taylor Tieman, Esq., founder of Legalmiga, needed website and sales page copywriting that would clearly show why small business owners need legal protections so badly. 

When it comes to Legalmiga’s copy, it’s important that Taylor has a brand voice that is approachable and helps flip the narrative that legal services are exclusive and only reserved for businesses of a certain size and income-level. Legalmiga is all about bringing legal to the people. Her brand voice is the perfect balance between your amiga who’s got your back while still being professional. 

I wrote her website copy around revealing the value of her Legalmiga services while also touching on common pain points of her clients. The focus of the copy was the empowerment of small business owners through taking “legal” into their own hands with the right legal amiga by their side.

I also focused on showing customers that they could take one more worry off of their plate, so they can confidently move their businesses forward.  

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As an attorney, I had always been really nervous to seek assistance with writing copy - I want to make sure that my message is clear for my potential customers but I also needed to make sure I worked with someone who really understood my messaging and the legal information I am conveying. Marissa has done an amazing job with communicating and really understanding what my needs are. She was able to take my intended messaging and turn it into something that my clients truly understand - and I am forever grateful!

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