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Viva La Budget & Finance


Luzy King, Founder of Viva La Budget & Finance, teaches first-generation Latina women how to build and manage wealth and increase their money confidence.

Viva La Budget & Finance’s Brand Persona is Your Financial Hype Girl

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Luzy King, Founder of Viva La Budget & Finance, needed a sales-focused email series that would help upsell her email list (who opts in via freebie) to invest in her new signature group coaching program: “Viva La Investing.”

When it came down to writing Luzy’s copy, it was important that I created a brand voice that resonates with a first-generation Latina audience and would make finance less intimidating. Viva La Budget and Finance’s mission is to make finance accessible to all women, regardless of socioeconomic background. She believes all women are inherently strong and deserve to have the tools and resources to build wealth. 

Her brand voice focuses on helping women realize they have the power to take their finances into their own hands. Her voice also incorporates Spanish to help Latina women feel more comfortable with the idea of navigating their finances with the help of someone who understands them. This is a space for Latinas, by Latinas within a space traditionally designed to keep Latinas out. 

I wrote her email series around building a deeper relationship with Latina women and resonating with their experiences around finance. I wanted to balance sharing value with sales around her group coaching program in a way that ultimately serves her audience. 

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- luzy king, viva la budget & finance

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I had the opportunity to work with Marissa a few months ago on an email sequence project, and she did a fantastic job. Before working with Marrisa, I had no idea where to start on this project. I booked a clarity call and hired her right on the spot. She put all of my thoughts into a series of emails for my clients that 100% represented my voice and brand. She is fantastic and definitely has excellent writing skills. After the email sequence, I was able to secure my first two four-figure clients. Hire her! Focus on providing quality work to your clients!

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