If you’re anything like me as a small business owner, you want to show up with a bang! You want to do more than take up space. You want to own that space confidently! And the same goes for your website. You want a website with substance that speaks to your ideal clients. A beautiful website certainly has value, but it’s only the beginning when it comes to launching a website that has the ability to convert your audience or prospective leads into paying clients or customers.  

“If you have a beautiful, well-designed website, you have only one piece of the puzzle.” 

Quality copywriting is an often overlooked aspect of building a website that truly has the potential to help your ability to grow your business, convert more clients, and reach your long-term & short-term sales goals. 

Quality conversion-centric copywriting is persuasive at its core, knows the language your audience already speaks in their day-to-day lives, and deeply understands their needs and desires. 

It is purposeful, informed, and expertly crafted for your specific audience. 

When it comes to filling your beautiful website with powerful copywriting that purposely moves your audience through the sales cycle, you have two options:

You can hire a copywriting expert that is well versed in persuasive and creative copywriting or you can be a DIY queen– rocking on a budget but knows the most important elements of great copywriting.  

If you’re the latter, then more power to you! 

Now, it’s time to get your hands dirty and learn what goes into creating copy for your website that wows your audience and makes them run– not walk– to the buy button. 

To get you started, here are 5 tips to help you craft website copy that attracts new clients in a heartbeat.

Paint a picture

The same rule for fiction writing applies for copywriting in that you must “show, not tell.” Help your audience envisions themselves using your products or services by painting a picture for them. Be specific and concise to catch their attention and hold it. When someone can envision themselves using your products or services, they’ll remember your business, they’ll spend time mulling it over in their head, and they’ll feel more confident working with you.

Create fans

Focus on writing copy that your audience actually wants to read. Share content that is actually deemed valuable to them and is written in the language they use on a regular basis. When someone loves what you have to say and trusts you as an authority in your space, they’ll value your input and come back to you time and time again. These are the people who are going to value you, work with you, and share your business with others. But it all starts with sharing value and being relatable to your target audience. 

Speak to the deepest desires of your clients

At the core of all copywriting is an understanding of what keeps your target audience up at night. Your audience seeks to be understood and to find the solutions to their problems– big or small. The mission for every line of copy is to speak to your audience and to show them how they can benefit from your product or service. Some of the strongest copy is neither clever nor catchy, but instead tells your audience exactly what they’re already thinking in their own words. 

Use the golden formula– PAS

When you paint a picture, you first etch it out in pencil with fine lines. When you’re first learning how to draw, you might start with a simple image to refer to. The same thing applies to copywriting. There are established copywriting formulas that help you write copy that is impactful. 

One golden copy formula is PAS, or Problem, Agitation, Solution. To use this formula, start with presenting your audience with a problem or a pain point that they are experiencing. Once your copy addresses their problem, agitate the problem by further exploring your audience’s pain points. Finally, present the solution to their problem. Show your audience exactly how your products or services solve their problems and help them overcome their challenges. 

Create high-converting call to actions

It’s not just simple enough to say click here and expect people to feel inclined to listen to you. There is an art to creating call to actions (CTAs) that pack a powerful punch. 

Many of us are commitment-phobes. It has been found to be more effective to ease people through the sale process with CTAs that tell them what their next step is without making them commit to the whole thing on the spot. 

Here are a few things to take into account when crafting a CTA.

  • Use first-person – take me there, I’m in!, Let’s…, etc.

  • Use positive words- like yes!, I’m ready, etc.

  • Use a conversational tone

  • Be clear, concise, & friendly

  • Don’t afraid to use a longer CTA if it provides clarity or incentive

There’s nothing wrong with writing your website copy from scratch, if that’s what you want to do or if that’s where you’re budget is, and you are still in the startup phase of your business. It’s also important that you learn and apply as many copywriting techniques & lessons as you can while you do it. 

As you grow and scale your business, hiring a copywriter to hit the nail on the head when it comes to powerful copywriting is highly suggested. 

In the meantime, use this article as a jumping off point in crafting copy that will help you build the business of your dreams! 

Want irresistible copy on your website? 

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How to attract new clients in a heartbeat with creative copywriting