I know you want website copy that’ll dazzle your ideal audience and make them clamor to sign up for your courses, book your services, or buy your products. You want to convey that you’re a professional agency or business offering quality services like nobody’s business.

Before you put pen to paper you should get clear on your brand voice style and how you’ll address yourself and your ideal audience in your website copy throughout your website. 

Between honing in on your dream customer avatar and the vibes you want to send out to the world, you need to decide whether you’re going to refer to yourself and your business as “I” or “We.” And I get ya. It’s enticing to want to throw in “we” throughout your web copy because you want to sound like you’ve got your sh!t together. 

Now more than ever, business owners of all walks of life are throwing their 9-5s to the wind and following their entrepreneurial dreams. We’re seeing individuals living their truths by means of attaining their dream careers through launching their own small businesses. 

But, we are a different breed from traditional corporations. We aren’t them. Your audience knows it. You know it. And you know what else you and I know? We don’t have to pretend to be them to succeed. When you use “I” in your web copy, you’re showing up with the full knowledge that, though you may be a solopreneur or have a small group of amazing and talented employees, you bring your unique skills and experiences to the table. So, when you’re writing your web copy, unless you have hundreds or thousands of employees, you might want to consider switching “we” to “I” in your copywriting.

Here are 3 reasons why using “I” in your web copy is better than using “we.” When you use “I” instead of “we,” you:

Change the face of entrepreneurship 

The image of a successful entrepreneur is no longer a wealthy cis white man. It’s black, brown, and white women and men; it’s LGBTQ+; it’s multi-lingual immigrants and children of immigrants; it’s young and old alike; it’s people who are disabled, veterans, mental health and body-positive champions; it’s all that and so. much. more! 

Not only are faces memorable, but representation matters. When someone sees another person like them doing business for themselves, they’ll connect more strongly with your story and be more inclined to want to connect with and do business with you. 

When you use “I” in your website copy, you’re saying this is who I am and I too am an entrepreneur or business owner. Using “we” won’t make you look more professional, but using “I” will put a face to the name of your business. It will make your message relatable and allow you to foster stronger relationships with your ideal customers. And if you want to increase your audience retention, sales conversions, and email list sign-ups, taking the time to build relationships is key to thriving. 

Show up as your real self

We know that you wear ALL the hats. Or that you’re a delegating boss. And that’s inspiring! So why diminish everything you’re doing and achieving by pretending to be something you’re not?

When you use “I” in your web copy, you’re being the real you, unashamedly, as an up-and-coming entrepreneur who is building their business one day at a time. People want to connect with the person behind the brand. This is why using both “you” and “I” throughout your web copy is more effective in persuading and connecting with your audience. People value what you have to say and a message delivered personally has the power to make up someone’s mind about working with you. 

Come off as approachable and trustworthy

Switching your language to include “I” instead of “we” is one way that you can come off as more approachable and trustworthy to your audience. Your audience is looking for reasons to work with you. They want to hear you explain how you will solve their problem. They want to know that you’re someone who will go above and beyond to make sure their needs are met. And using “I” will propel you into their good graces. Using personable and approachable language, like “I” while speaking to their pain points can help you strengthen your messaging and be more persuasive in your marketing.

You want website copy that resonates with your ideal audience in a way that makes them want to be a part of the action. When you envision your new website, your aesthetic oozes with your brand’s personality and reflects your ambitions as an entrepreneur. I’m willing to bet you’re well aware that the words that you use on your website matter to your audience. Using “I” instead of “we” is one way that you can deliver copy on your website that cuts through the noise, catches their attention, and inspires them to reach out to work with you. 

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Soloprenuer web copy 101: Should I use “I” or “We” in my website copywriting?